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Hullachan Pro Lacing Instructions

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(Photo1: Click photo for larger image)

To achieve maximum support and comfort we recommend that you follow these steps to lace-up the Hullachan shoe:

  • Lace normally up to the last set of eyelets or loops
  • Cross over the laces
  • Lace the end of the lace through the Last set of eyelets from the inside (near the heel)
  • Take through the back loop
  • Pull the heel up tight onto the foot with the laces
  • Lace through the FIRST set of eyelets now (nearest the toes)
  • Pull up tight as that makes the arch fit a LOT better for the dancer
  • Pull the excess lace from the front of the foot through the eyelets
  • Tie in front and either cut off or tuck in. If cutting excess lace off use clear nail varnish to seal the lace ends or just lightly burn the ends.
  • Always pull the heel up tightly when your laces are thru the back loop and then pull the sides up when the side eyelets are laced. THIS WILL STOP THE SHOE DIGGING INTO YOUR ACHILLES AND REDUCE DAMAGE OVER THE ARCH OF THE FOOT.

    Beware! If it doesn't have the Hullachan Logo in the shoe then it is not a genuine Hullachan.

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